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Steven Carse Jun 26, 2018 8:22:53 PM 1 min read

A Few Tips to Help Avoid That Mid-Summer Slog

Keeping good vibes in the heat of summer can be tricky. Sometimes every day feels like a Monday.
It doesn't matter what day it is. Sometimes summer can just kind of feel like such a slog. Like the act of going to work just doesn't seem like the correct option.

Hopefully you have a chance to get out of town, but if you aren't reading this from a cottage in Southern France, or the Hamptons or wherever the fanciest folks go ... here are a few tips. 
  1. Give meditation a try. Sometimes some thoughtful breathing and a few minutes of peace make all the difference. (this 5-minute meditation was shared by our friends at Green Door Gourmet ... we love it too)
  2. Pick a World Cup team (unfortunately it can't be the U.S.), and take 90 minutes off to watch a game on whatever office TV you can find. (A large monitor can do the trick) I would recommend the Iceland vs. Croatia game on Tuesday at 2pm. (Iceland has the smallest population of a country to ever make the world cup ... ~350,000 people ... and they are really good)
  3. Host a DIY Succulent Garden Party. I'd obviously suggest naming the plants.

If all else fails ... get pops catered

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