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Tyler Rogers

Tyler could sell a popsicle to the sun, and has probably tried. As a gifted wordsmith, Tyler prefers talking to writing. Whether it’s about music, pops, his Dawgs, beer, film, love, his dog Sadie, his cat Luxor, his love of other dogs, food, Braves, politics, tacos, more pops or even more music, he’s never short on comments, and, honestly, they’re pretty stellar. So just invite him along and your day will crack open! He’s a dude who likes doing…particularly something involving the following: being outside, going open-toed, local sports, good tunes, good vibes, bikes, beers, friendship, and hearty good laughs!! We like him around. He’s a real keeper.

Recent Posts by Tyler Rogers

Aug 06, 2018

Higher Education

Be The Office Hero

Event Planning Tips

How to Run a Successful Fundraiser

Sometimes the things that we love cannot sustain themselves on their own. In many cases we've got to help pitch in. This extends from our children's schools to local non-profits that are doing the...

May 22, 2018

Be The Office Hero

Property Management

Event Planning Tips


The Out of Office Blues

Whether it's a 3 Day weekend or planned trip 3,000 miles away, it can be quite stressful preparing to relax.  There's anxiety about the flooded inbox, peppered with last minute requests from...

Apr 20, 2018

Property Management

A Necessary Disrupter to the Efficacy of Business

At King of Pops, we take fun very seriously and safety even more so!  At institutions big and small it's important that everyone be on the same page.  In the event of an emergency, it's paramount for...

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