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Pete Srodoski

Pete is the Director of (P)Operations for King of Pops. He is an internationally acclaimed expert at movie trivia (so challenge him, please!). He loves Calvin and Hobbes, and he quite likely has the most tattoos in the KoP Kingdom.

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May 16, 2019




Build Your Community

Lead Your Company

Core Values

Get Sweaty

Grow Your Business Without Compromising Your Magic

I get asked all the time “when will you start carrying pops in the northeast or the west coast?”  “You’d do great in Texas!” I also hear often. While we love this enthusiasm, King of Pops actually...

Sep 25, 2018

Be The Office Hero


Build Your Community

Building some fun office energy with Fantasy Football

We get told pretty regularly that King of Pops seems like such a fun place to work. Yes, it’s true, but it takes a ton of hard work to facilitate all this fun! My favorite way? You guessed it: the...

Jul 19, 2018

Property Management


Be The Office Hero

5 Steps for the Ultimate Tenant Cookout

Trying to think of ways to treat your tenants to a fun afternoon? We had a cookout a few weeks ago that was a HUGE success. We invited the team, their families, and of course our neighbors. With a...

May 30, 2018

Be The Office Hero

Change Up Office Birthday Parties

Is everyone in the office tired of the same old birthday parties your team throws? Change it up a little for your squad with these simple and easy tips:

Feb 03, 2018


Will my big box retail skills translate to a new career

Today the retail world was shocked (perhaps not) that Toys R Us will be closing roughly 20% of its US stores this year. After an eventful 2017 that saw major Department Store closings (Macy's, J.C....

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